Praia do Burgau

Praia do Burgau is a lovely little sandy beach located in the small (and relatively unspoiled) fishing village of Burgau. Despite its small size, the beach is very popular during the summer with the tourists and the locals alike. Because of the hills surrounding the beach, it is protected from the frequent north wind in this area of Algarve making it very pleasant for most of the people.

Praia do Burgau, Algarve, Portugal

Praia do Burgau. View from the center

It had two fishing companies with facilities near the beach that were closed; now they are used as a way where small boats can be transported from and to water. There is a small Bar–restaurant on the beach, the Beach Bar Burgau. There is another small beach with no land access west to Praia do Burgau which can be accessed by boat or renting a canoe on the beach. It is a frequented place for people making scuba-diving and fishing. The beach does not have a Blue Flag because of its lack of showers for visitors. Since high tides are quite common on the Praia do Burgau beach, it’s best to check the tidal schedule for the day to avoid being soaked, when the intention is to sunbathe and get tanned!

Praia do Burgau, Algarve

Praia do Burgau. West side of the beach

Praia do Burgau beach is located just 10 minutes by road west of Lagos in Algarve, and 90 km west of Faro Airport or an hour’s drive or so by taxi, this fishing village is nestled at the edge of a national park.

Praia do Burgau, Portugal

Praia do Burgau, Algarve