With a cliff-lined coast of 23 golden beaches, and lively nightlife, Albufeira is the tourist capital of the Algarve, attracting holiday-makers in their thousands every year. The architecture of the town ranges from typically Algarvian narrow streets with pale white and sometimes tiled houses to very modern tourist developments. The apartments near the newly built Marina e Bryn are a unique spash of pinks, blues and yellows, dubbed Legoland by the local inhabitants.

Albufeira old town

Rua Sacadura Cabral, Albufeira old town. Photo by Ricardo Liberato

See & Do

* Paderne Castle – The castle is one of the seven castles that are represented on the national flag of Portugal
* The Parish Church – The main Parish Church of Paderne is called ‘Our Lady of Assumption’ and it was built in the sixth decade of the 16th century to replace the older chapel of Nossa Senhora do Pé da Cruz (Our Lady at the foot of the Cross), which was within the precinct of the nearby castle of Paderne.
* There are some fine beaches either side of the town: Praia da Oura and those further east towards Praia da Falésia are the more developed, while the cove beaches to the west, up to the swathe of sands at Praia de Galé, tend to be quieter.
* Inland, Albufeira is the nearest base for a couple of the Algarve’s best family-orientated theme parks, while day-trips also run north into the hills to the pretty village of Alte.

Beach of Bryn, Albufeira, Algarve

The Beach of Bryn at Albufeira. Photo by Ed Kitaura

A local culinary speciality is cataplana (steamed shellfish), a very well known dish from the Algarve region. Caldeirada (fish stew), and the simpler but also popular, grilled sardines, are also very appreciated and are traditional dishes across the entire country, especially in litoral areas.

There are many restaurants to choose from, as Portugal has a long tradition on good food and twice-a-day hot meals. There are also fast-food or self-service restaurants.
* Dream Wave, Albufeira (Albufeira Marina), +351 962 003 885.
* O Bom Garfo, in the Oura zone.
* Teodosio In Guia. Specializes in Chicken Piri-Piri.


Nightclubs, cafes and snack bars are abundant. Everything tends to be more expensive here. The nightlife on “The Strip”, located near the Montechoro section of Albufeira, proves especially popular during the summer with all ages but particularly the younger tourists. Going down “The Strip”, the most popular bars include Erin’s Isle, Matt’s Bar, Linekers, Cafe Del Mar, Mustang, BJ’s, Garage, Reno’s, La Bamba, and Wild & Co. There is also an extremely popular nightclub – Kiss. Kadoc, located around 7 miles away between Albufeira and Vilamoura near the town of Boliqueime, is another very popular nightclub.


Colina do Mar, Rua Maria Teresa Semedo Azevedo, 3, Albufeira 8200-155, Portugal
* Porto Bay Falésia, Quinta do Milharó, Olhos d´Água, ALBUFEIRA, (+351) 289 007 700 ( Located over the red cliffs and with direct access to the beach.
*Vila Galé Cerro Alagoa, Rua do Munícipio, Lote 26 8200-916 ALBUFEIRA, (+351) 289 583 100 ( Located in the banks of the Ria Formosa and its decor recreates an arabian ambience, well in tune with the past of southern Portugal. Online booking.
* Vila Galé Atlântico, Praia da Galé, Lote 7 – Apartado 108 8201-902 ALBUFEIRA, (+351) 289 570 800 ( An ideal Hotel to enjoy a beach holiday, is located only 300 meters away from Praia da Galé and only 6 km away from the centre of city. Online booking.
* Vila Galé PRAIA, Praia da Galé, Lote 33 – Apartado 2204 8201-917 ALBUFEIRA, (+351) 289 590 180 ( Located right at Praia da Galé, 5 minutes away from Albufeira. Online booking. edit

Theres also a pascha which is very nice, only 3 euros to get in!

Marina of Albufeira, Algarve

View of the Marina of Albufeira, with its typical architecture. Photo by Steven Fruitsmaak