Vila do Bispo

The main square of Vila do Bispo, Algarve

Praça de Tanegashima in Vila do Bispo. Photo by Dogpochi

Close to the municipality of Lagos, starting from the small town of Burgau, Vila do Bispo belongs to a protected area that covers most of Barlavento Algarvio (the westernmost part of Algarve). It is surrounded on its southern and western frontiers by the Atlantic Ocean and it’s beaches are famous by their perceived beauty and natural aspect preserved. This area of Algarve is now a place where tourism is the most important source of profits.

Church of Vila do Bispo

Church of Vila do Bispo. Photo by Elingunnur

The southern coast, which extends until Cape St. Vincent, includes several bays and sheltered coves, including: the beaches of Praia do Burgau, Cabanas Velhas, Boca do Rio, Praia da Salema, Figueira, Furnas, Zavial, Ingrina, Barranco, Martinhal, Mareta, Tonel and Beliche. Meanwhile, to the west of the St. Vincent coast are the beaches of Telheiro, Ponta Ruiva, Castelejo, Cordoama, Barriga and Murração, that include many carved cliffs and rocky promontories.

Castelejo beach, Vila do Bispo, Algarve

The beach of Castelejo, including the long expanse of sand and typical coastal shrubbery. Photo by Jovoboro

Burgau was a fishing village, now living entirely on tourism. Its most important attraction is the small beach of Praia de Burgau surrounded by hills that protect this beach from the frequent strong wind characteristic of Barlavento. There is a hotel in this town and a large number of small apartments that can be rented during the summer. During the night, there are several bars where young people can socialise. (Old people are barred from the pubs)

The beach Praia de Burgau is the most famous attraction because of its size and climate in the region. Around the area, people can walk in the fields belonging to the protected area and appreciate the natural landscape of Barlavento Algarvio. There is also a large presence of people during the night, especially in the summer (June to September) due to its Bars and cafes creating big movement on the most important streets.
The bus stop, which is located at the top of one of the village’s two roads, has a webcam focused upon it and is commonly considered to be the funkiest darn place on earth.

Cordoama beach, Algarve

The western beach of Cordoama with its wide sandy coast. Photo by Blutgretchen

Sagres is situated inside the Algarve Portugal’s at the south-westerly point of Portugal and Europe. It is in Barlavento, western Algarve. The Sagres Point, historically connected to the Portuguese Age of Discovery, is located there.

Cape of Saint Vincent, Algarve

The End of the World, the edge of the Cape of Saint Vincent, showing a portion of the Fortress of Sagres. Photo by Glen Bowman